Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You...Ur Friend or Foe?!

In a few days, an emergency state will occur all over the world. Nothing would be constant & no one would be the same. The Earth's nature will be altered. This phenomena happens yearly since before you were born. Have you ever realized that!
Conversations are held in the skies, doors of heaven are wide opened, gates of hell fire are locked up & devils are chained.
Everything on Earth & beyond it is changing & welcoming their generous guest; Ramadan...What about me & you?

We're not angels; we all sin everyday. And that's something we all share, even the best of the best of us. But shamefully we blame others for our behavior.
I blame you for my anger, you blame him for making you shout, they blame the red tape system( government's routine) for forcing them to bribe & the harsh life for making them cheat. And the most popular of all we blame satin for every single wrong we do.

Now what! For sure satin is a 24/7 devoted whisperer & he runs in our veins like our blood. And of course he never gives up ruining our trials of getting closer to God. And even if we managed to run away from his control & do a good deed, he's here to ruin our sincere intention. (I've been interrupted a lot during writing this, & almost got sick & shut down the laptop. But then i thought he's not gonna get me this time. I'm not gonna stop)

But till when will we keep accusing him of our sins? Is he the only one to blame?
Well no, satin has another partner, in fact a sort of invisible military agent inside us known as "Al Nafs"(your self). Your Nafs could be your friend or worst foe. It depends on who's the master. It kind of goes like this:

Nafs: "Oh you seem tired & so upset from Ahmad. You need to release your anger. Here comes Sara. Go tell her what he has done to you."

You: "NO, no. Ahmad's not here. I can't gossip."

Nafs: "Come oooooon! That's not gossiping. Chill out man, you're just removing the burden from your chest, nothing more."

You:"umm.OK. No harm done. Sara is good, I'll tell her.

That's the secret agent I'm talking about. Al Nafs that's urging us to commit the wrong & could even find a good reason to justify our actions & cool our conscience.

The good news is that in a few hours, the devils will be deprived from their free pass. And the whole world will be devil free for the next 30 days. So no more nasty whispers insh'Allah. Only you & your self.


#Lets make a deal here:

1.Bring a paper.
2.Think & write down seven sins you commit a lot & want to get rid of.
3.Read your list daily in Ramadan.
4.Focus all day & cease to do any of them.
5. Ask God to help you stop them.

During Ramadan, there'll be no intruders. So you'll have full control. Do you think your Nafs could urge you to do bad deeds then?

Now that's the challenge, we'll strive to stick to our deal, & if one day a mistake happened, we'll repent & continue with the promise. Let's give our Nafs a lesson it never forgets. We'll fight in ramadan, so that after it's over, we'd remain winners. We are the master, & the Nafs is our slave. .

Ramadan Kareem



Assallamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Hi friend, peace...
Your article very interesting.
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Spark said...

w alaykum assalam wr. wb.
Thank you, I will pass by insh'Allah.

Muslim Kid said...

I made 8 goals, beats 7. :P

Lol, Ramadan Kareem to you too!

Have a blessed Ramadan!

-The Muslim Kid-

Eslam ElDakrory said...

well, despite being a very very simple article, it really touched me & moved me.
Hana, U R a great writer, the most impressive thing about ur writings is that it is very simple but strongly expressive.
the most beautiful thing out the ISLAM is the simplicity that lies in it & u managed to show that up.