Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Break Up Effect!

I'm already missing you
Though you're still here

The fact that you're leaving

Is torturing me dear

I'll always remember your days

And all the good things we did

How you spread your magic

Since I were a kid

I saw people changing

Inside all over out

Day & night they made prayers

For in their God, they have no doubt

You delighted the rich

And were generous on the poor

You were our only hope

For hell to close its door

For heaven's gates wide opened

And hell fire was locked

People were more tolerant

For all satins were blocked

Ramadan, If you insist on leaving

Don't take my soul with you

Your blessings, if you take them away

Right here it'll turn into a zoo

Ramadan, next year who knows

If I'd be alive or not

Till then I'll strive & pray
For my heart not to rot!

Hana Arafa
Ramadan 1430

Wishing u all a happy Eid