Thursday, August 6, 2009

A letter to you!

Time: 1:30 am

Place: My desk

Dear God,

They said it's a special night, so I thought of writing you this.

In my room right now, I feel kind of excited. Well it's really weird, coz whenever I write a letter to someone, they read it after I send it, but now you're already watching my every word coming from inside.

I read a hadith for our prophet (pbuh) about tonight. He said that on the 15th night of sha'ban you forgive us all except a mushahin or a moshrek.*

Well I swear right now that I'm not on bad terms with anyone, & I swear again by your name that if any one has ever done me wrong, I forgive them.

I've been trying to direct my intentions of my deeds to you ( though sometimes out of no where, something pops up to ruin it, but I have faith you understand the human nature & you have access to the deeper side of me)



* "Allah looks down on the middle night of sha'ban & forgives all his creation, except a polytheist or one who is mushahin)

(sunna ibn maja volume 002, Hadith no. 1380)


Hajar said...

I'm sure God heard you loud and clear. :)

Spark said...

I'm sure too(insha'Allah) he is Al Sami. :)

Ahmed ELGaml said...

masha'Allah ya hana ,i can't believe that u wrote this stories :D but realy iam vry vry glad ,its wonderful and interesting

Eslam ElDakrory said...

allah knew ur words already, & insha2 allah he will 4give u, u just keep on asking, en allah yo7b al3bd kther aldo3a

Anonymous said...

قليل قوى ان يكون فيه حد فاهم و عنده الجرأة انه يكلم ربنا.
لمحة جميلة قوى منكِ

ربنا يرزقك حبه , و يهديك بنوره