Monday, February 28, 2011

Do you believe in magic?

When we were young, we lived in our good world…A world where fairytales, unicorns, talking animals & great kingdoms were undeniable.

Bit by bit & as the years passed, the real world began to unfold, & our fairly lands became distorted, only to be remembered as good old childhood memories…

Do you still believe in it?

I personally do.
I do believe that we can always bring it back to life if we wish...
I believe that magic is the energy conveyed in the air between two lovers. It’s the warmth of a hug from someone dear. It’s in the ability to heal some one’s pain, or ease their sorrow, to make some one smile, or laugh from their heart till they shine.
It’s the unconditional giving without waiting for the return.

And the ultimate one of all is being so close to Him, so near to your creator that everything else seems so small. It’s when you finally find the peace you’ve always been looking for… peace…security… and serenity.

It’s magic…
Do you believe you can make your own?

1 comment:

Hadeel said...

I Love It SOOOOOOOO Much!!!
bgd RABENA yekremek ya hana we yezeedek ISA, by the way your written works are MAGIC!!!