Friday, July 24, 2009

Listen to your heart

I opened my heart to see what's inside. To have a look at what's happening in there. I found some lines shattered all around, intersecting each other & moving apart. Straight, crooked, thick & thin, they all have been formed over the years.

I found dark sides & a few brighter ones. I saw familiar faces but in different sizes. I saw places & objects, thoughts & words, laughs & frowns, moments & days.

I heard something, so I leaned & my ear approached my heart. Something deep inside was ticking. No, that was not the sound I heard. It was deeper. I stood to close the window & stop any source of noise. I need to concentrate, to identify the voice.

I bowed with my ear again & held the heart in my hand. Has the sound gone, or was that only illusions!

I gazed at the heart again & shook it a few more times. I held it up in the air, turning it in my hand. On hearing someone scream in pain, I dropped it.

"Ouch! That hurt. Why are you surprised? You already know I'm sensitive."


"Don't you think I've had enough from you, the last thing I need is another fall!"


"Yea, what's new! You always say that every time & then you drop me till I can sink no more."

_"Don't be hard on me. You're tender with everyone. I'm human…ok"


_"HEEEY! Watch your words; I'm the one in control here. You belong to meee."

"Huh! That's what you think, I don't belong to any one here you creature. You own nothing! You
think you could do whatever & whenever you feel like it, & just go with it. I've had enough. You turned me into night while I was born shining. You hurt me with wounds while I was created sound. You stained every corner leaving no place for dusk. Now what do you expect?!"

_ "I've done good deeds in my life, & I don't need to remind you of them."

"What makes you so sure they reached any where beyond your Earth? Bla Bla Bla. Such fake confidence"

_"And what makes you so sure they did not. Stop acting like you know it all. You're always interrupting me with your big No No's. Let me live in peace"

"YOU, let me live in the serenity I used to know. You grew up & thought you can handle it on your own!! You're destroying me every time you breathe. Have mercy on me. Stop your ugly thoughts, your misguided deeds. Stop ignoring my voice. Whenever you do something against me, I warn you but you keep rejecting. Ok as you like. Keep ignoring my signals & I'll be buried forever. Now let's see who could notify you again."

_"you never judge people, what happened?"

"You're asking me? Look in the mirror & you'll find out. Move. Look deep through yourself. Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel at ease? You always make me burn with your desires. You deprive me from the sweetness of being connected with up there. That's what happened."

_"You've never told me that, don't blame me."

"You stopped listening. Now pay attention to me. Get used to my voice…. Listen to your heart"


Muslim Kid said...


You write well sister!

Is this a story?

-The Muslim Kid-

Spark said...

Thank You Muslim kid. This & the previous post are stories. Sometimes I call them scenes.

Batulo said...

Mashallah. Did you write this story by yr self. It is so wonderful. Keep it on that way sista.

And nice blog. enjoyed reading yr posts :-)

Spark said...

Bro. or Sis. (I'm not familiar with the name Batulo :D) I'm glad u liked the blog...keep coming here.

Anonymous said...

wow, very nice one,
i think there r some times you should actually listen 2 ur heart.
sometimes logics doesnt really work better than senses.
Eslam D